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These are some popular questions we get asked about LIFE WITH SQUID. Our FAQ section is always expanding, so if you have a question for us, send us a message at and we’ll add it here.


Questions about the Comic :

(The following has been answered by the artist, Heather Little.)


How often do you post comics?

Once a week, on Mondays.

How did this comic start? Is it based on real people?

The comic started as a prompt in my last year of college (check out the About Me page for more info). Originally it was based on my real-life boyfriend and me, but the characters soon took on a life of their own.

From where do you get your ideas for the stories?

Muffins and general insanity.

Why is the comic black and white? Why haven’t you colored it?

Creating a comic takes a lot of time and effort, so in order to make a comic every week I had to make a choice: either have a rich, detailed comic in black and white, or a simplistic comic in color. I decided that having quality details were more important.

However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be color comics in the future, or for special occasions.

What all can we expect from the site? Will there be forums or games or anything like that?

The site is still in its infancy and I’m taking things one step at a time, but I hope to expand the site in the future to be more interactive for fans and, of course, to have more squid.

Where can I buy LIFE WITH SQUID stuff?

Visit the Shop! Or, if you’d like to request something, send a message to .

Why doesn’t Squiddipus have a beak? Don’t all Squids have beaks?

Well aren’t you smart! Yes, Squids have beaks, but it’s very hard to make a beak smile, so Squiddy has a mouth instead.

What about suckers? Don’t squid have suckers?

What are you, a marine biologist? Squiddy has suckers, but they’re not always visible. (Also, they take a long time to draw. Feel free to report me to National Geographic  for squid defamation at any time.)



Questions about the Story:

(The following questions have been answered by Holly and Jack.)


Where did Squiddipus come from?

Holly: He tried to tell us using interpretive dance, once. Somehow we ended up wearing sombreros and eating waffles. After that, we gave up asking.

How old is Squiddipus?

Holly: Once he learns how to count, I’m sure he’ll tell us.

If Squiddipus’ mouth is underneath him, would we ever see it if he tried to grow a fancy mustache?

Holly: Shh! Unfortunately, Squids can’t grow mustaches and if Squiddy is reminded of this he starts to cry. When that happens, we have to give him candy until he feels better, and we don’t like having a squid on a sugar high running amok.

Is Squiddipus really good or really terrible at DDR?

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Jack: He’s horrible at DDR, but he’s undefeated at Twister.

What’s Squiddipus’ shoe size?

Jack: We took him to get sized and the salespeople ran away, so that remains a mystery. He can, however, fit into eight shoes at a time.

What’s Squiddipus’ favorite color?

Jack: We asked him, and as far as we can tell, it’s Squeezy.

Do Squid fart?

Holly: No, they make bubbles.

Is Squiddipus housebroken?

Holly: He’s a good squid and tries his best, but he does leave the occasional ink stain on the carpet.

What’s Squiddipus’ favorite superhero?

Holly: The Amazing Super Squeezy!

Does Squiddipus know Ariel? Or Nemo?

Jack: Squiddipus doesn’t publicly claim to know any character copyrighted by any agency or company who can potentially sue us for infringement . . . but yes.

Do you read to Squiddipus? Can he read?

Holly: Squiddy loves bedtime stories, especially ones about fish, and we read to him almost every night. We know he’s capable of reading some, and can write a little bit too, but only when he feels like it.

Can I send fan mail to Squiddipus?

Holly: Certainly! Squiddipus can be reached at . Squiddy loves to get mail! However, due to the volume of messages and the fact that typing with tentacles is difficult, he might not respond.

Can I get Squiddipus’ autograph?

Jack: You can certainly try. Send a message to and if you’re lucky and catch him in a good mood he might send you something.

I heard a Spanish galleon carrying silver bullion was attacked & sunk by a giant squid. Was that your squid? Where you involved? Do you know where the silver is?

Jack: We know nothing about this. I’m sure it was a massive misunderstanding, though. Squids don’t attack things; they’re just not good at hugging.

Holly: On an unrelated note, Squiddipus’ lessons on how to hug have been going poorly, but we’ve been able to hire an expensive professional to aid in his instruction.

How long have Jack & Holly known each other? Where/how did they meet?

Holly: Jack and I met in 2009, when Jack’s company sent him to pick up office materials from a local supplier. I work as a receptionist there, and after several repeated visits we became friends.  Three months later, I finally asked Jack out, and we’ve been dating ever since.

Jack: Happily dating.

Is Jack always grumpy?

Holly: No, he’s actually an upbeat guy. It just usually falls to him to be the sane voice in a chaotic house.

Jack: Chaotic is an understatement, but I manage.

Why does Holly act like she’s a little kid?

Holly: Why don’t you? It’s quite fun. You should try it.

Does the owner of their apartment complex know they have a giant squid there?

Jack: During routine inspections we put a lamp shade on him. You’d be surprised how effective it is.


Have more questions? Send them to us at